NHS needs more investment, says Sajid Javid as pressure builds on Chancellor to inject money


The NHS “needs more investment,” the Health Secretary said, pressing the Chancellor for an increase in funding in the fall.

Sajid Javid on Tuesday notified the Treasury that he should “add” to the government’s plan to channel investments in new hospitals and health workers.

The Conservatives pledged in their 2019 election manifesto to fund 40 new hospitals and modernize 20 others, while providing an additional 50,000 nurses and 6,000 doctors.

The coronavirus has triggered a series of additional problems for health services, including a backlog of 5.3 million routine operations, which will also require cash to help resolve them.

Another looming headache facing Rishi Sunak is finding the billions of pounds needed to support a major reform of the country’s creaky welfare system. Boris Johnson has pledged to seize nettle by putting forward a master plan before the end of the year.

One option currently under discussion among ministers is to increase national insurance to pay for social protection plans, but that would involve the government breaking its triple tax lock – the clear commitment promising not to increase income tax , national insurance or VAT.

Speaking to Sky News on Tuesday, Mr Javid said: ‘Of course the NHS needs more investment. That was actually true before the pandemic with our health program for 40 new hospitals, our investment in the hand -work, in doctors, nurses.

“This continues and in light of the pandemic, which of course no one anticipated, I guess it’s fair to say that we need to revisit these plans and see how we can add to this plan. “


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