TEMSA strengthens with a 143% capital increase


In its assessment of the decision to increase the capital to 143 per cent of TEMSA, Cevdet Alemdar noted that: “Today, TEMSA has signed significant export achievements in Europe, especially in Sweden, Belgium, France, and the Czech Republic. We see these export movements as the first step in a new success story that TEMSA will write. With the support of our new organizational structure, we have gone through a period in which we will be more successful in foreign markets. Now we are increasing the company’s capital from TL 210 million to TL 510 million, injecting TL 300 million in cash, including TL 150 million from Sabancı Holding and TL 150 million from PPF group. As a result, we are strengthening our capital so that TEMSA achieves a more solid and competitive financial structure in domestic and foreign markets. ”

“Today, TEMSA is a brand that has proven itself in the field of electric buses and autonomous vehicles. We exported our first electric bus to Sweden These last months. In other words, today we are selling our electric vehicles that we produce in Adana to a country that has a say in the field of electric vehicle technology in the world; moreover, with its own software and its own batteries. Skoda Transportation, which operates under the roof of our partner PPF Group, has extensive global experience in electric transportation solutions. This know-how will pave the way for TEMSA to expand its product range and markets in the coming period. Therefore, we aim to strengthen TEMSA’s leadership in next-generation electric vehicles and strengthen its growth ”, Cevdet Alemdar added.

Škoda Transportation and TEMSA Synergie

Ladislav Chvatal, PPF Group Chief Officer for Strategic Projects, highlighted the synergy between TEMSA and Skoda Transportation in TEMSA’s future growth plans:
“The PPF group has invested in TEMSA with the aim of using its synergies with Skoda Transportation and giving the two companies a boost in their expansion into international markets. PPF is therefore delighted that TEMSA and Skoda Transportation have attracted major customers from all over the world for their environmentally friendly transit solutions. Skoda Transportation’s contribution lies in electric and hydrogen fuel cell buses.



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